Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Griffin Dress (In Progress)

Lady Joan de Foxley
The Idea:
the manufacture of some sort of heraldic surcoat from the later half of the 14th century.  The current plan is to make a red base for a gown with a black griffin along one half, elbow length sleeves with white tippets, buttons up the front.

Proposed Materials:
100% linen in red, black and white. Why linen? because there just aren't enough events cold enough to warrant wool and I hate being hot.

  • Sir Geoffrey Luttrell being seen off to tournament by his wife (Agnes Sutton) and daughter in law (Beatrice Scrope). Luttrell Psalter 1335-1340. 
  •  Lady Maude Sir John and Lady Joan de Foxley, brass effigy 1378 
  • Sir John and Lady Harswyck, Brass momument 1384 

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