Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grey Surcoat (In Progress)

woman playing with squirrel
Luttrell Psalter 1340 - 1350
This is Canada... it gets cold... my solution is a wool surcoat.

The Idea:
Some sort of wool garment that could be worn overtop of a few layers, but still is form fitting enough that it doesn't make me look too bulky. Elbow length peaked sleeves so that my sleeves don't drag in things and aren't too tight, also prefer to have button closure with nice big buttons so there are fewer to contend with. I would prefer the hem to be a good bit off the floor so I don't drag in wet grass or snow and add an extra layer of cold wet fabric.

The Materials:
A grey wool blend, actual wool content unknown likely around 30%. The wool was originally purchased for another purpose, and rather than wasting it I am trying to make something of it. Due to restrictions on the size of fabric I will have to be creative in cutting to use every bit of fabric.

This really isn't a completely documentable garment, instead is it a functional garment that is period plausible, made to keep me warm and dry when the weather isn't ideal. While I am trying to stay somewhere between 1350 and 1375 the inspiration for this garment comes from the Luttrell Psalter which is dated 1340-1350.

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